About Calvary Poly

Calvary Polytechnic is founded on the principles of the fear of and trust in God, the dream was envisioned several years ago but consumated in 2019 with the approval granted by the Delta State Ministry of Higher Education.


Calvary Polytechnic is a private and God ordained endeavour assisting in the development of human capital for the immediate Community, State and the Country.

It was established in 2015 and approved by the Federal Government in July 2016 and has since continued to admit students from all over Delta State and the Country.

We have a Philosophy of passion to train the Nigerian youth for proficiency and civic responsibilities and to meet the needs of the Nigerian economy.

Our motto is “Knowledge for Practice”.

At Calvary Polytechnic, we ensure that our students acquire the appropriate skills, abilities and competences both mental and physical as equipment for the individual to live and contribute to the development of the society.

We are primarily concerned with teaching and research for the achievement of excellence particularly in the knowledge of technology, science and management.

Vision Statement

Train students to become responsible and change-enhancing members of the society in various fields of human endeavour.

Preparing the students to be articulate, critical and creative thinkers.

Mission Statement

Commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

Be a centre for study and excellence in the fields of Engineering, related Applied Arts and Sciences, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and in Business and Enterprise.