Dealing With Roomates

Establish some rules at the beginning

Make your preferences known from the start so you and your roommate are clear on what to do to avoid conflict. Establish what space is whose, when you need quiet time to study, which items you can share, what time you go to bed, if you like to sleep in on weekends and who's allowed to eat what in the refrigerator. Some residence halls even require roommates to write up a roommate contract to put your rules in writing. Perhaps this is something you and your roommate could do on your own. Make it a fun introductory exercise and hang your contract somewhere in your room as a reminder. This way, if you do find yourselves disagreeing, you have something to help negotiate a solution that works for both of you

Have good communication

Practicing direct communication will help you in good times and bad. Dorm rooms are close quarters, so even if you get along with your roommate, there is bound to be a conflict or two. Handle such conflicts with open communication. You can't expect your roommate to be a mind reader, so if you get upset or frustrated, communicate it to your roommate right away. Use a respectful tone and choose your words carefully. You'll find such communication gets better reception and ultimately a better response than if you just attack or criticize. Good communication also comes into play during everyday interactions. Try to engage your roommate. Ask how his or her day was or congratulate him or her on that good essay score. A little praise and interest can go a long way.

You need to compromise

Whenever you're dealing with the wants and needs of other people, you need to compromise. When it comes to doing chores around the room, listening to certain kinds of music, watching different TV shows and requesting privacy, compromise is key. If you give a little, your roommate will give a little. Compromising does not mean giving in to all of someone's requests; it means coming to a mutual agreement. So, utilize positive communication, and talk through the things you and your roommate differ on until you can reach a compromise. Even if you find yourself in a situation where you and your roommate just don't get along, moving out should be the last resort. Dealing with roommate conflict can be an important lesson, and moving out is a hassle. However, if the situation is burdening you after three months, it may be in both your best interests to consult student housing. You can always talk to your Resident Advisor (RA) and ask for help to resolve conflict. You’ll find advice on dealing with your roommate in an open, friendly way that can guide you into at least a comfortable situation with him or her. Roommates are a fact of campus life, and while these relationships can be tricky, they can also be the basis for life-long fantastic friendships. The key to being good roommates is, as in so much of life, simple communication.

What To Expect

Welcome to our Campus Life section of articles, advice, tips and hints. We aim to cover most of the topics and issues that come to mind when you think about finally heading off to school. After all your hard work in applying to various polytechnics, writing essays for grants and scholarships and making endless phone calls to admissions and financial aid, shouldn’t this part be fun? ‘You’ll be taking the first big step to adulthood and separation from your family, at least for most of the year. Not only is this exciting, but it can also be a bit scary and nerve-wracking. Your first year of college presents a lot of new experiences living away from home, meeting new people and managing your own time. Prepare for life on campus by figuring out what to bring, how to handle challenging circumstances and what you can do to manage your workload.

Living Off Campus

Fully functional upstream facilities which include Classroom blocks, Administration, Library, Laboratory, Workshop, Multipurpose Hall, Auditorium, Restaurant, Electric power & Water distribution, Sport complex, Security post, Hostels, Lecture theatre, Computer centre, Health Clinic, Bookshop & Printing press, etc.

Calvary Polytechnic is sited in Owa-Oyibu, the headquarters of Ika North- East Local Government Area (LGA) in Delta State, South-South Nigeria.

The School is about 3 km away from the town with minimal distracting noise. Owa-Oyibu has an area of about 463km2 and a population of 183,657 at the 2006 census. Delta State presently covers a land mass of about 18,050km2, which more than 60% is land. Delta State is generally low-lying without remarkable hills. The State has wide coastal belt interlace with rivulets and streams, which form part of the Niger-Delta.